Your donation to the Jasmin Roy Foundation helps to fight against discrimination, bullying and violence for all:
  • With the inception and distribution of teaching aid for students, teachers and parents
  • With regular visits from trained personnel in primary and high schools
  • With campaigns to raise public awareness to the phenomenon of bullying/harassment
  • With the implementation of mechanisms for awareness, prevention and intervention in schools.

Donation to the Jasmin Roy Foundation are used to prevent bullying/harassment in schools with teaching aids and the weekly visit of trained personnel.

High school Polyvalente of l’Ancienne-Lorette was one of the first ones to follow our program fighting bullying and after just one year, already saw a drop to half the number of students suffering regularly from bullying.

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The results are encouraging but the fight is far from over. Many schools have contacted the Foundation and we need your help to answer each and every one of them.

Out of the blue, one of her best friends started to call her names and spread rumours at school. This ‘friend’ wrote on Facebook things that damaged her reputation. She also wrote comments and insults about her mother and her family.

Emily noticed that her other friends started to believe what they read on the internet and take sides with the author of these hurtful comments. Only three of them really knew the truth and were there when it happened. This “friend” also wished to see Emily die and threathened her. With her parents, Emily went to see the police, but they could not do anything in this situation.

The events are still going on today, and Emily feels it gets worse every day.

A friend of Emily, 14 years old