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The Jasmin Roy-Sophie Desmarais Foundation was created in December 2010. It was the first organization entirely dedicated to protecting the dignity and safety of young people in Quebec schools. Its founding Co-President, Jasmin Roy, who was bullied at school for five years, was determined to give a voice to young bullying victims, at a time when this problem was still unknown and too often trivialized.

The Foundation has become a leader in Quebec and abroad. It strongly condemns the devastating consequences of bullying, harassment, violence and discrimination and emphasizes the need to develop concrete educational strategies and intervention to prevent violence and bullying in all walks of life, particularly in schools.

Violence and bullying are relationship problems that need to be addressed with relationship-based solutions. After many years of reflection and action in the field, the Foundation is now convinced that, to deal with this problem in society in general, Quebec needs to develop an innovative policy to promote healthy emotional and social skills.

Society is currently undergoing a major cultural shift. Violence and bullying are no longer tolerated. Now that we’ve condemned this behaviour, what should we do next?

The Jasmin Roy-Sophie Desmarais Foundation wants to provide further impetus to this collective awareness by developing universal strategies and tools that will help people develop their social and emotional skills.

Disturbing figures that reinforce the importance of action...

…in schools

  • 47 % of parents report having a child victim of bullying.
  • Over 50% of bullied children do not report being bullied to a teacher.2 Most kids won’t tell people because
    they are afraid that it will get worse, because they feel ashamed or powerless.

…among the elderly

  • 16 % of older adults (nearly 1 in 7) are victims of abuse every year.
  • 20 % of women and 13% of men are abused by one of their children.
  • Nearly 50% of persons who commit suicide are over 65 years old.

…in the workplace

  • More than 350,000 incidents of workplace violence are recorded each year in Canada.
  • Abuse of authority is the most prevalent form of harassment (26%),
    followed by mobbing (group harassment) (26%), bullying (12%),
    physical or verbal abuse (10%), and sexual harassment (7%).
71 %

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