School Assistance Program


Each school that benefits from our school assistance or prevention program is awarded $10,000, which is equivalent to the salary of a resource person present in the school one day per week for an entire school year. Training and support for the school is provided by the lnstitut Pacifique. This funding is directly provided by the Jasmin Roy Foundation.

In exchange, the school receiving the funding ensures that the selected resource person is free at least one day per week to devote to combating bullying, discrimination and violence.

These school assistance programs are generating and sustaining significant support among school communities and the public for fighting bullying in schools.

To ensure their success, each school assistance program is jointly evaluated on a regular basis with recognized school bullying specialists.

The Foundation is thus mobilizing various stakeholders with extensive anti-bullying expertise towards a common goal: to create a stimulating and safe school environment for everyone.

How can you participate?

The foundation is working hard to increase its funding sources in order to offer this program to a greater number of schools.

Places are limited. Is your school interested in our prevention program? You can apply for 2019-2020.

Here is the list of schools selected for the 2018-2019 school year