Émilie Bierre Prize

For the third time, in 2018, the Jasmin Roy Foundation will award one Quebec school the Émilie
Bierre prize for the most positive school in the world! This prize will be awarded to the
elementary or secondary school that best demonstrates the creation of positive and caring

Violence and bullying are relationship problems that need to be addressed with relationship-
based responses, through positive educational interventions that focus on the development of
pro-social skills. Supporting the development of a positive school climate involves choosing
interventions that will teach young people how to live together better.

Using the attached form, demonstrate to the Foundation’s jury the actions that will be taken
throughout 2017-2018 to encourage healthy emotional and relational habits.

To help jury members decide the winner, we invite you to send us photos, videos or any other
relevant documents that will demonstrate your approach and the work that was accomplished.

This award will be accompanied by a $2,500 cash prize to recognize the exemplary work done
by your school’s staff and students in their efforts and actions to become the most positive

The deadline to submit applications is October 31, 2018.