Ready, a creative digital tool

A digital creation tool : Ready empowers the next generation of makers and inventors, from beginner to expert.

Ready lets you build in the mediums of our time: mobile gaming, robotics, VR/AR. Traditional programming is hard. With Ready it’s as simple as saying “When something happens, do something.” Since launching in Fall 2016, Ready has grown to over 700,000 makers on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, making and sharing DIY projects. Our vision is to turn software and robotics into a playful form of self expression, encourage collaboration, and inspire youth.

Ready supports success in the classroom, library, after school or summer programs, with coding classes, makerspaces, STEM & STEAM project-based learning.

Adopted by schools, camps, and libraries around the world, Ready enables teachers and their students to make professional grade software – and develop computational thinking – without any previous coding experience.

Try Ready for free and see what all the fuss is about!

1. First: Use Ready for free!

Start with one of our free starter lesson plans, like the Maze Game. Follow along our video playlist, and in 30 minutes you’ll be “ready” to introduce Ready to your first class!

2. What coding language will kids learn?

Kids learn the basics of programming in Unity – the world’s most popular professional game development engine. Normally with Unity you would need to know C#. In Ready you use a “visual coding language” that doesn’t require any coding experience.

3. What experience do instructors need?

Short answer: NONE. Ready focuses on the logical side of programming – something most of us are intuitively good at. Anybody with creativity and an interest in how things work can be good at teaching with ready.

4. Prep by practicing with our lesson plans at home.

Follow simple step-by-step instructions you can also project on a Smartboard in your class. Each lesson plan includes a video that shows exactly how it’s done. In no time, you’ll have the confidence to bring Ready into your classroom.

5. Learn with the Ready Community

The Ready Forum provides a place for other Ready Makers to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Try it for free – Everyone is talking about it