Yesterday, March 12, 2020, the Premier of Quebec announced that any events with more than 250 people that are scheduled within the next 30 days are cancelled until further notice. 

Given that SIDE is an event with participants and speakers from multiple countries; 

Given the uncertainty of the mobility of stakeholders in the face of possible border closures of several countries; 

Given the global situation surrounding COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the coming months; The Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation is forced to postpone SIDE to a later date. We are aware of the inconveniences associated with this postponement, but obviously this situation is completely beyond our control.

As soon as the new dates have been set, we will contact you to invite you again.

Thank you for your understanding.




The first edition of the summit will be held from May 12–14, 2020, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal

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Healthy Social and Emotional Lifestyles in Schools

Today’s modern societies show a troubling increase in mental health issues in youths. At the same time, more and more research has shown how essential it is to develop healthy social and emotional lifestyles in schools in order to prevent such issues for youths. This also provides tools and contributes to putting an end to violence and bullying in schools. Hence, there is a real need to implement educational measures that promote the development of social and emotional skills from early childhood to university.

François Courcy, Head of the Observatory on Healthy Social and Emotional Lifestyle Habits at the Université de Sherbrooke, will lead this committee. Its mission will be to propose practical solutions in order to offer training courses and workshops on the latest advancements in social and emotional learning. Discussions will focus on anxiety management for students and teachers, absenteeism, emotional regulation in school, and caring schools and academic success, to name only a few. Specialists from CASEL and the Gandhi Institute are some of the outstanding professionals attending events under this Summit’s theme.

Climate Change, sustainability and Entrepreneurship

The need to bolster the number of schools preparing youths for the challenges of climate change is evident, as wildfires are ravaging Australia and raising international awareness for environmental issues affecting the planet.

In September 2019, Montréal hosted a historic rally in support of immediate action in the fight against climate change, sending a clear message to governments for increased action, as hundreds of thousands of young people took to the streets. Similar climate demonstrations were held in over 2,000 cities across 120 countries, a testament to the concern of younger generations about the issue.


SIDE 2020 will use this theme to explore Indigenous perspectives on climate change, sustainability, the influence of media on understandings of climate change, and entrepreneurship. One notable speaker on this theme will be Al Gore, environmentalist and 45th Vice President of the United States.


Revitalizing Indigenous Knowledge and Education Indigenous

According to UNESCO’s estimates, there are 370 to 500 million Indigenous people around the world, comprising 5% of the Earth’s total population, scattered across 22% of the planet. Indigenous groups account for over half the world’s cultural diversity and speak 7,000 living languages. However, according to the United Nations, 90% of these languages will disappear within the next 100 years.

The theme will be supervised by a scientific committee chaired by Marco Bacon, the former Director of the Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite (CPNN) at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. In order to promote the traditional knowledge of Indigenous people and help protect cultural diversity, the committee’s primary objectives will be ensuring knowledge is passed down, revitalizing Indigenous languages, eradicating poverty through education, reducing inequality, designing sustainable cities and communities, and developing partnerships to achieve these objectives. Indigenous people from Australia, the United States, South America, Europe and Canada’s Far North will come together to demonstrate how Indigenous knowledge and education remain alive and well across the globe.

SIDE 2020

The International Education Summit, under the patronage of UNESCO, is an educational event of two days and one evening bringing together scientific, professional, entrepreneurial, student and civil society communities through continuing education with discussions on educational, relational and climate issues, and most importantly, sustainable solutions. The 2020 Summit will be divided into three themes: Healthy social and emotional lifestyles in schools; Climate change, sustainability and entrepreneurship; and Revitalizing Indigenous knowledge and education. Thanks to its many