Celine Choiselat

Originally from Paris, Céline Choiselat charted her course to Montreal in 2000, driven by a deep passion for music. With a postgraduate degree in the sociology of culture, she laid the groundwork for her epic journey. Marked by her fight to make culture accessible, she engaged in an unwavering struggle against discrimination. In her first act at the Opéra National de Paris as a cultural service intern, she stood out in designing educational programs for disadvantaged children. At this moment, she launched her career, dedicated to education and culture and rooted in a deep understanding of social dynamics. Her quest continued in Montreal. Just a year after her arrival, in 2001, she became the press officer for the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. She vigorously managed press relations for concerts and events, coordinated the media campaign at Carnegie Hall in New York, and planned public relations around Charles Dutoit’s departure and Jacques Lacombe’s arrival. She continued as a freelance press officer, building a reputation within the industry through collaborations with major players such as the Just for Laughs Festival. Quebecor later hired her as a senior communications advisor. Guided by her love for music, she returned to the OSM as Head of Media Relations. She was responsible for building the strategy, planning public relations here and internationally, and promoting the inaugurated Maison Symphonique of Montreal in 2011. Her transition to philanthropy began at OSM and continued at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, where she exceeded financial targets, doubled donations collected in one year, and shaped the image of the Philanthropic Circles, including the new Women of Influence Circle. As Director of the Fondation du Collège Stanislas, Céline solidified her educational commitment. She designed the foundational framework of a campaign focused on empathy and mental health, a cause made even more sensitive since the pandemic. The entire community was involved. The Foundation raised over $60,000 between September and November 2020. As the Principal Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships at the Orchestre Métropolitain, Céline led exceptional benefit galas reaching goals of $500,000 to $700,000 net, from a North American tour to the virtual and in-person gala at the Hotel Le Germain in Montreal during the pandemic to a Bombardier hangar. She built her team, acted as the department’s architect, devised a strategy for partnerships and major donors, and surrounded herself with an expert committee with an annual goal of $3 million. The transition to the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation is a natural evolution of her commitment. Joining the Foundation is not just a collaboration; it’s a dive into a cause championed by its founder, Jasmin Roy. His accomplice and ally, Sophie Desmarais, a vigorous defender against violence, discrimination, and bullying, joined him. Like a duo, he embodies the vision; she brings her commitment. Alongside this unwavering duo, Céline has the privilege of associating with the Foundation. The cause resonates within her; the mission becomes a personal quest. Convinced that every person can be an agent of change, she fully commits to voicing this belief, to shed light on dark areas, and to work towards a world where tolerance and respect are universal values.