I am very proud to sponsor the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation. Having myself been a victim of bullying during my adolescence, it is impossible for me to remain impassive towards a problem the consequences of which are devastating for some. There is an urgency to act now to remedy this problem.

To do so, we must support the people and organizations who work hard for this cause. I support the Jasmin Roy Foundation because it knows that bullying starts at school.  It is essential to equip and train our teachers to better prepare them to help those who suffer from bullying.

With your support, we will reach our goal. Do not be afraid to have the courage to say “no” to bullying.


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Valuing openness to others and recognizing difference as a human asset are concepts that should be taught at a very early age; diversity education, whether cultural, sexual or other, should begin in early childhood.

Violence and bullying are relationship problems that need to be addressed with relationship-based responses, through positive educational interventions that focus on the development of pro-social skills. Supporting the development of a positive school climate involves choosing interventions that will teach young people how to peacefully live together, help perpetrators of violence or bullying to better meet their needs, teach students targeted by these acts to be more assertive, and help young witnesses to develop their feelings of compassion towards others. This is how we create a caring community. All of these skills can be learned as part of social and emotional learning.

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My name is Émilie Bierre and I’ve been the spokesperson for the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation since 2014.

After being bullied in elementary school, I decided to get involved with the foundation. I wanted to talk about it so that everyone would know how important it is to report bullying. When we’re bullied, we’re so afraid that we often keep silent about our suffering. However, we must do the opposite.

Thanks to preventive education carried out by the foundation, more and more adults and young people are aware of the impact caused by bullying. Even though we suffer terribly, we manage to get through it. But it still leaves scars…

When people have greater awareness, the more they will confront bullying, resulting in fewer victims. I’m certain that by taking action in schools beginning at an early age, this generation will become properly trained adults who will be able to educate and appropriately intervene with their children or in their workplace.

I would like to say a huge thank you for your support! By working as a team, we can do this!

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