Luc Poirier

From a childhood in low-cost housing to later becoming a successful, recognized and respected businessman, entrepreneur Luc Poirier is a model of professional and personal success.

He is the founding president of the company Poirier and investor and shareholder of about 30 companies in sectors ranging from real estate to reforestation, engineering, environment, active and urban transportation.

He oversees several major, well-known and often award-winning real estate projects, including Saint-Lambert-sur-le-Golf (St-Lambert), Griffix (southwest Montreal) and Rubic (downtown Montreal).

He is one of the largest land developers in Quebec, having acquired tens of millions of square feet where over 15,000 new homes and businesses worth more than 5 billion dollars will be built over the next few years.

His other projects include a private tunnel connecting the South Shore to Montreal to improve travel and reduce pressure on existing infrastructure. In addition, he is working on the design of a bridge between the south and north shores of Sorel-Tracy.

Very involved in the community, Luc has worked for several foundations and organizations. A major donor to many causes, he donated $250,000 to the Varennes Multifunctional Energy Conservation Library.

With an impressive career at such a young age, Luc is an inspiration. His many successes show that willpower, hard work and determination can go a long way, regardless of one’s origins. It’s no wonder that shortly after its publication in October 2016, his biography VOIR GRAND; Leçons de vie, d’affaires et de liberté became a best-seller in Quebec.

Luc draws on his experience to develop increasingly significant projects. He is constantly looking for new challenges to surpass himself.