Michel Dorais, PhD,

Michel Dorais, PhD, is a retired full professor (associate professor) at the School of Social Work and Criminology of Laval University. His field of expertise is the sociology of sexuality, social intervention, particularly with marginalized youth, and prevention. In recent years, he was a member of the development committee for the Bachelor’s degree in sexology at the Faculty of Medicine and for the Master’s degree program in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, in Administrative Sciences. He was also a member of the expert committee mandated by the Department of Justice on support for victims of sexual or conjugal violence, a group that drafted the report Rebuilding the Trust (tabled in December 2020). From August 2008 to August 2021, he directed the professional and scientific journal SERVICE SOCIAL. He has published some thirty books, including De la honte à la fierté (with M. Mendo and A. Vaillancourt, VLB, 2014), Homophobie, intimidation et suicide (with S.L. Lajeunesse, TYPO, 2014), Le savoir engagé (dir., PUL, 2016) Prévenir (dir, PUL, 2017), Le métier d’aider (VLB, 2018), Après le silence – Réagir aux agressions sexuelles envers les personnes LGBT (with M.J. Gervais, PUL, 2019), Nouvel éloge de la diversité sexuelle (VLB éditeur, 2019) and Guide de bonne conduite sexuelle à l’usage des gars (Trécarré, 2021), as well as numerous scientific articles. He studied social work (M.Sc, Université de Montréal, 1978; PhD, Université Laval, 1991), a field in which he specialized in issues related to sexuality, and in the sociology of sexuality (postdoctorate, Université Lumière, Lyon, 1995). Before becoming a full-time professor and researcher, he worked as a social worker for ten years in youth protection. He has received numerous awards, including the Hommage Académique award from Fondation Émergence.