Dr. Laelia Benoit

Dr. Laelia Benoit is a child psychiatrist and research associate at the Yale Child Study Center and the Inserm Centre de Recherche en Epidémiologie et Santé des Populations (CESP). Since 2021, she has been studying the impact of climate change on the well-being and mental health of children and adolescents at the Yale Child Study Center (Yale Medical School, Yale University), in partnership with three countries: the United States, Brazil, and France. In 2022, she created the QUALab, a Franco-American qualitative and mixed research laboratory, in cooperation with Yale and the CESP, which she co-directs.

Laelia Benoit was a recipient of the AP-HP (2016), Inserm (2016), the Franco-American Fulbright Commission (2020) and the Monahan Foundation (2020). She was a professor at the University of Paris and is the author of “L’adolescent fragile, peut-on prédire en psychiatrie?” (2016) and “Phobie scolaire, retrouver le plaisir d’apprendre” (2020).

The Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation has been a partner from the beginning and supports two of its main research programs: Emotions and Climate Action, and School Phobia.