Émilie Bierre

Born on May 12, 2004, Émilie is a young actress who is passionate about singing, dancing and playing the ukulele.

She began her artistic career at the age of 4 as a model for several clothing companies. Subsequently, Émilie appeared in various commercials and lent her voice to dubbing and radio.

At the age of 8, she starred on television in Les beaux malaises in the role of Florence, the daughter of Martin Matte.

She currently stars in the following TV series:

Jenny, in which she plays a young teen with leukemia; L’échappée, in which she portrays the dramatic role of an abused child; Lâcher prise, in which plays a fiercely determined pre-teen; Subito Texto  and Mémoires Vives.

At the age of 7, she played a disturbing role in the film Catimini. In 2018, she will star in the feature film Une Colonie by Geneviève Dulude De Celles, the film Dérive, directed by David Uloth, and Genèse by Philippe Lesage.

A victim of bullying at school, Émilie decided to contact Jasmin Roy in 2013 to join his cause to fight this scourge. Through this initiative, she would like to convey the following message to victims: “You are not alone. Together, let’s say no to bullying.” Émilie then became the foundation’s spokesperson.

At the 2015 KARV l’anti.gala, she won the award for “The most inspiring girl in the entire world.” She dedicated this award to all bullying victims: “When we denounce bullying, we’re inspiring. And when we help bullying victims, we’re inspiring. Don’t forget, there’s a solution to every problem.” – Émilie Bierre, KARV l’anti.gala 2015