A Guide to Promote the Dynamic Socialization of Adolescents

A Guide to Promote the Dynamic Socialization of Adolescents is a tool that combines information for high school education professionals and practical sheets (information sheets to be read with students, surveys and fun activities that can be done in teams or with the whole group) to be used in all high school subjects to help adolescents socialize, recognize and understand their emotions, as well as manage them.

The informative sections will allow teaching professionals or those working in the educational environment to better identify the needs of young people, particularly in terms of socialization and emotional management, both in the context of a pandemic and in any other situation that may have a major impact on their lives.

These practical tools are available for free so that you can encourage the participation of the entire group in order to help everyone renew their emotional awareness and develop a sense of belonging to the group or to the school as a living environment where skills and competencies are developed and where everyone flourishes.

Jasmin Roy

Catherine Laurier
Katherine Pascuzzo
Rémi Paré-Beauchemin
Jean-Sébastien Bourré

A Guide to Promote the Dynamic Socialization of Adolescents

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This document contains all the texts and tools in the guide. Below, you will find each text and tool separately.


Discover the impact of the pandemic on young people: psychological distress, loss of bearings, changes and interpersonal problems.

Social connections with peers

The bonds that adolescents develop with their peers are vital to optimal development and healthy mental health. Here are some icebreaker activities that cultivate positive peer relationships to use in the classroom.

Participation in extracurricular activities and social involvement

Extracurricular activities that teens have had to put aside during the pandemic are more than just entertainment. These activities are ways to develop relationships, share common goals with peers, and work with inspiring adults, who can act as role models. Organized leisure activities are ideal contexts for their development. They include sports, arts, culture and youth clubs. Tool 3 provides an opportunity to discuss with youth the importance of extracurricular activities in their lives.

Making sense

Any event may change the path of youths by affecting their ability to adapt. However, these events may also give rise to changes or even significant and positive transformations. If dealt with in the proper way, the pandemic adaptation challenges and demands may become opportunities to develop and grow. For example, these positive changes and transformations may affect personal identity, relationships with others and priorities in life, which are all fundamental issues during adolescence.

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