School Staff support toolkit

This work is based on the most recent and relevant knowledge on violence and bullying prevention and response.

Making school a stimulating and safe life environment for all

To reach this goal, Fondation Jasmin Roy has mandated author Camil Sanfaçon, Ometz and David Roger Gagnon, to design this toolkit which will concretely help your school meet the new bill 56 requirements with relevant and efficient ways to prevent and reduce violence and bullying.

The first guide provides information about

  • Action plan development and implementation process
  • Different forms and types of violence
  • School bullying myths and stereotypes
  • The role of all actors involved in bullying scenarios
  • Staff training awareness
  • Partnership with parents
  • Regulation adjustments

The 6 following guides include:

  • Questionnaires and templates for students, parents and staff
  • Disclosure forms
  • Response protocol
  • Resource directory and scenarios for meeting with victims, bullies or witnesses
  • Working with parents of students involved in one way or another in a bullying and violence situation

Download the toolkit for free here