Gear Up to Ride Out Intimidation

In a series of six educational videos, our spokesperson Anna addresses three main themes – bullying in the workplace, at school, and online – to help you recognize the different possible forms of bullying and promote a harmonious climate, wherever you are.

For each theme, you will learn to distinguish a truly harmful situation from a simple lack of manners through highly realistic (and sometimes even real-life!) scenarios. This will give you a better understanding of what bullying is and how it works.

You will then discover how to change your behaviours in order to raise awareness and inspire the people around you to create a healthy environment for everyone, without regard to professional status, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, or other aspects. Different resources and intervention strategies depending on the context and severity of the situation will also be proposed to you.

Finally, each video is accompanied by a toolkit summarizing the main elements to remember in order to recognize the multiple forms of bullying and how to deal with them. You will find a summary of behaviours to watch out for, ways to intervene (whether you are the target or witness in a bullying situation), and resources to turn to if necessary. Together, let’s establish sustainable solutions that promote the inclusion and well-being of everyone.