Your online transaction on is secure. Your personal information as well as your credit card information are shared electronically using an encrypting technology that ensures the confidentiality of the details contained in the message. As such, the message cannot be altered or decoded by a third party. The website does not keep any information submitted, this is why you need to submit your details for any new transaction.



Your personal information is protected by appropriate physical, electronic and procedural methods. Access to your personal information is limited to those individuals and entities that perform authorized activities outlined in the Fondation Jasmin Roy policy for security of transactions and information.



Fondation Jasmin Roy attaches the greatest importance to the protection of the privacy of its website’s visitors. Fondation Jasmin Roy collects, uses and shares your personal information according to the privacy act, the law protecting personal information in the private sector as well as this confidentiality policy. The purpose of this transaction and information security policy is to describe the type of personal information Fondation Jasmin Roy will collect from visitors to its website. The reasons for which Fondation Jasmin Roy uses this information, the rights of the user with regards to the information he or she shares, and to whom and under which circumstances the collected information is shared is outlined in this policy. This security of transaction and information security policy applies to the collection method, utilisation and sharing of information for all visitors of the website.



Personal information

Generally, we only collect personal information (which may include first and last name, age group, address of residence or other address, email address, phone number, credit card information) when it is provided on a voluntary basis. For example, you can choose to provide personal information in order to participate in contests, to register for an event, to make a donation, to make a content request, to make event suggestions or to participate in online interactive activities.


Use of the information

Fondation Jasmin Roy may use the information collected from visitors to its website for the following purposes: (1) to proceed with internal reviews of the website (i.e.: to determine the number of visitors; (2) to help understand the utilisation of the website by its visitors; (3) to respond to specific requests from visitors; (4) to comply with the requirement of the Canada Revenue Agency related to donations; (5) to protect the security and integrity of the website.


Non-Personal Information

Some non-personal information related to the website is recorded by the parameters of the Internet servers that host the website. The non-personal information that Fondation Jasmin Roy collects may include the operating system used (Mac or Windows), the type of browser used by the website visitor (i.e.: Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer), and is used to analyse the traffic and number of visits to the website. With every visit to the website, that some non-personal information may be collected in the form of “cookies”. These files are used for various purposes, and make it possible to recognize website visitors, to verify the number of unique visitors to the website and to determine which pages of the website are viewed.


Unforeseen circumstances

In the event that Fondation Jasmin Roy or any of its assets should be acquired by a third party, the personal information collected may be deemed to be part of the transferred assets.


Modifications to our confidentiality policy

Fondation Jasmin Roy reserves the right to modify certain conditions of its policy on security of transactions and information. To ensure that you are aware of its practices with regards to confidentiality, Fondation Jasmin Roy invites you to consult this policy on a regular basis. Be assured that any modifications made will not be applied retroactively and that we will not proceed with any changes related to the treatment of previously collected personal information without your explicit consent.


To reach Fondation Jasmin Roy

If you have any questions, comments or concerns with regards to this confidentiality policy or any of the practices of Fondation Jasmin Roy, please contact us in one of the following methods:

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