Give air purifiers as gifts to schools at Christmas

COVID-19: The Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation is calling for donations to give air purifiers as gifts to schools at Christmas.

The organization is concerned about the spread of coronavirus, caused by poor ventilation

The results of tests recently conducted by the COVID-STOP collective on the air quality in certain schools are worrisome to the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation. Faced with this situation, the Foundation is appealing for donations from the population, at Christmas time, to provide air purifiers to schools in need. The organization believes that the risk of coronavirus spread does not only affect CHSLDs, but also schools, and that it must be made a priority.

The Fondation has partnered with two Quebec experts, BAULNE in mechanical engineering and SANUVOX in ultraviolet air purification, to equip classrooms in schools with portable devices for use in schools with inadequate ventilation systems. According to COVID-STOP, 75% of the classrooms tested showed significant ventilation problems favoring coronavirus transmission.

“Faced with the obsolete ventilation systems in a large number of schools in Quebec, there is an urgent need for action,” explains Jasmin Roy, founding president of the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation. “Winter is already knocking on our doors and soon the cold will prevent the opening of windows, which will increase the risk of spreading COVID-19. Just like those of CHSLD residents, the living conditions of children in class must become a priority for everyone. As an organization whose mission is to create healthy and caring environments, we have a responsibility to act on this serious problem. »

” We are currently ready to respond to the needs of educational institutions in Quebec. We are obviously pleased to be associated with this initiative of the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation,” explains Sébastien Grisé, Executive Vice-President and General Manager at BAULNE.

An efficient device

The unit destroys viruses, bacteria, mold and airborne germs as well as smells. Using a UV process, this air purifier can clean up to 800 square feet and is portable. “BIOPÜR is a product designed and assembled in Quebec by SANUVOX. This powerful air purifier combining HEPA filtration and UV technology can reduce the spread of contaminants, such as viruses, inside buildings, but it does not eliminate the need for safe hygiene practices. The well-being of children is a major concern for our company,” says Jocelyn Dame, President of SANUNOX.

More than 1,100 classrooms are closed, with 3,492 cases of COVID-19 currently active in the school system, according to the most recent report from authorities.

A $1,000 investment is enough to equip a classroom with two units, each providing optimal air distribution to combat the spread of bacteria including COVID-19.  The Foundation is counting on the generosity of Quebecers and invites Quebec companies to mobilize for young people.  BAULNE and SANUVOX, for their part, offer one free unit for every purchase of 10 air purifiers. 

“There is no longer time for committees and working groups to analyze the problem and look for solutions. It’s time for mobilization and action if we really want to control the spread of the coronavirus. All the experts agree that we must do everything we can to keep our young people in school in order to avoid setbacks in learning, de-motivation and dropping out of school,” says Jasmin Roy.

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