Trainings – Program GIFT in residence

The Program GIFT in residence (for Goodwill against Intolerance For Togetherness) is addressed to the managers and staff members of private seniors’ residence (PSR) and aims to propose tools and activities to promote goodwill in PSR and to counter intolerance between residents.

The program offers markers and structures that can be used completely or in part according to the needs of the residence. It is presented in four documents: 1) Presentation of the Program GIFT in residence, 2) Module 1. Welcoming procedures for new residents, 3) Module 2. Management of situation of intolerance between residents: training and follow up, 4) Module 3. Promoting goodwill between residents.

The document entitled Presentation of the Program GIFT in residence synthesis the steps that led to the elaboration and validation of the program, then describes its objectives, its content, as well as the steps to follow to optimise the implementation of the program in a PSR. To this end, the document contains an evaluation table of the needs on the matter of promoting goodwill within the residence as well as countering intolerance between residents. Depending on the results, the managers and staff members involved in the execution of the program have the option of using one or more specific modules. The first module discusses the welcoming process of new residents, the second the intervention and management of situations of intolerance and the last one the promotion of goodwill.

The program as a whole is available in French and will soon be available in English.

To download the program Gift Program GIFT in residence, click down below: 

Gift Program GIFT in residence,